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When you need BidCraft

You need to secure strategic public sector and defence contracts to boost growth
You don’t want to leave any stone unturned on a deal you can’t afford to lose
You need to know how your bidding capabilities really compare to industry standards
You want to invest in your team’s ability to create high quality bids with less drama
You need calm, capable, confident bid resources on-demand to get the job done
How do we do it?

Change. Crafted

We collaboratively craft bids and capabilities meaning vital contracts are more likely to be won and retained.


Our strategic bid support services – helping you bid like you mean it with expert advice and hands on support…

  • Bid strategies and pre-mortems
  • Evaluation and scoring
  • Tactical support
Avoid losing

Our benchmarking and business change programmes – helping you become the next version of you…

  • 360 Solo assessment (free online)
  • 360 Team assessment
  • 360 Change programme
Make ideas happen

Our bid training and APMP certification courses – giving you the know-how and confidence to improve bidding performance…

  • Bid training
  • Bid playbooks
  • APMP certification
Make your potential a reality
Prove it

Can we back it up?


Advice you can use

Nobody likes losing bids and it’s our job to prevent it happening to you. We’re your independent (critical) friend who’s by your side, sleeves rolled-up, guiding you to submit the best bid you can.


clients who come back to us for more advice.

Simplify complexity

In a competitive market, standing still means losing ground to your competitors. We hold a mirror up to find the issues and then fix them – whether that’s scaling, innovating, integrating M&As, or introducing new ways of working.


clients who came to us from a referral

Your potential unlocked

Our training style is to teach what we practice. Our hands-on bidding experience allows us to share practical lessons alongside best practices, giving your people the skills and confidence they can use in the real world.


of people who attend our courses would recommend them to a friend or colleague 

Quote mark
Growth enablement

“As a rapidly growing company we recognised the need to scale our bidding capability to support the business’s growth plans. We engaged BidCraft to benchmark us against PAS 360 and provide a roadmap for how we’d need to change. In parallel, they stepped-up quickly to help with our G-Cloud 14 submission – providing coaching, public sector bidding advice, and independent reviewing. This proved to be an invaluable part of the diagnostics, as they rolled their sleeves up and got to see things first hand. Their report was highly insightful and has already made a difference to how we bid. We’ll be working with them again and consider them to be part of the team.”

Kate Daniels, Public Services Practice Lead, esynergy
Putting North on the map

“We invited BidCraft to support us with a major Higher Education bid in early 2024, the first time we have used them.  Since then, they have gone on to provide extensive training to the team and carried out a business wide assessment against the new BSI bid code of practice PAS 360.  This left us with a clear plan which has formed the basis of major investment in our people and processes.  Their work has been instrumental in helping us develop a blue print for future development that is opening up new growth prospects particularly amongst Public Sector customers.  What started off as a request for help has resulted in the beginnings of a major transformation for our business that has enhanced skills amongst our colleagues who now approach new bids with a renewed sense of confidence and optimism.  Thank you BidCraft.”

Andrew Foster, Managing Director – Public Services, North
Secure the deal

“BidCraft provide Logiq with excellent support and recently helped us win a strategic MoD tender. At all times BidCraft are flexible and adapt to our bid process. They integrate seamlessly and work as one team from the outset bringing rigour, expertise and focus to the tender process. Secure by Design was a strategic target for Logiq and throughout it was clear that the tender was as important to BidCraft as it was to us. They are highly professional, committed and we enjoy working with them.”

Tim Wardrop, MD, Logiq Consulting
Quality and quantity

“BidCraft supported us with the largest (by potential value) tender we had ever submitted – worth £3.5bn. We had to work against almost impossibly tight deadlines and weave in costs from suppliers on both sides of the Atlantic. The fact that the tender document consisting of 5,404 pages was submitted to The Ministry of Defence by the deadline and looked, read, and felt totally professional was almost entirely due to BidCraft’s diligence, organizational skills, and previous experience. BidCraft prove to be patient in adversity and never lose their sense of perspective and humour.”

Col(Retd) N J W Moss OBE, ex-Apache Force Comd 2010 to 2012, Boeing Defence UK (via Harmonic)
Breaking new ground

“BidCraft became an integral part of our team, building awareness of the importance of capture and the processes to support it. Again and again, BidCraft works to explain and illustrate the concepts, overcome resistance, go back to foundations, work flexibly and sensitively with complex and challenging stakeholders, and help land an understanding of capture. BidCraft broke ground for us in the capture space. They helped create the foundation we needed to establish a dedicated in-house capture team that will serve our emerging markets and major clients.”

Emily Claire Poupart, Clients and Business Development Lead | UKIMEA, Arup
Diagnostics done right

“What a professional and insightful piece of work you have provided through both the questioning and elicitation of content from our very enthusiastic team through to your structured observations and recommendations… your content provides new insight, detail and an alternative perspective that has really added substance to not only the ‘intuition’ that we needed to do something but help signpost the way.”

VP of Sales & BD, Defence Systems Integrator
What could go wrong?

“After successfully navigating multiple procurement stages of a major blue-light bid, we entered the home straight in a strong position. Recognising the marginal differences between competitors in public procurement processes, I engaged Bidcraft to provide a pre-mortem exercise to challenge bid team group-think, and to support our internal quality evaluation through an independent ‘cold-eye’ review. From day one, BidCraft worked collaboratively to help us tailor our competitive strategy and understand how we can make marginal gains in quality. We subsequently went on to win the competition. I have since engaged Bidcraft on other strategic opportunities and consider them as one of my trusted partners.”

Business Development Director, Public Sector Outsourced and Digital Services Company
Best of (critical) friends

“Bidding large public sector deals is never easy, and when we took on two mega deals (one in Defence and one in Education) we knew we’d be facing strong competition and would need a critical friend to help our teams deliver consistent evaluator-friendly and high-scoring responses. We decided to engage BidCraft’s Reviewing and Scoring team for their proven hands-on experience and public sector evaluation expertise. The BidCraft team quickly slotted seamlessly into our proposal production teams and provided excellent levels of responsiveness, coaching and challenge that really helped our authors step up their game. I have no doubt their focus on scoring, the quality of their feedback and their guidance on how to improve content has significantly increased our win probability on these deals.”

James Frost, Bid Director, Major UK Outsourcer
You never lose it!

“We have partnered with BidCraft on a number of projects including workshop facilitation, which helped us improve our ways of working, supporting the team with their professional APMP accreditations and working alongside us on live bids. The BidCraft team are supportive and collaborative partners who really do work hard to understand the outcomes we are striving to achieve and work alongside us to help get us there. I highly recommend them to any organisation looking to #BidLikeYouMeanIt, and we will be continuing our collaboration in the future.”

Nats James, Bid Hub Lead, Leidos
Going all-in to win

“We engaged BidCraft to provide public sector experience and knowledge in what was a hugely complex procurement process, consisting of a broad range of complicated asks. BidCraft are highly engaged throughout the process, embedding themselves into the deal team, being incredibly responsive and responding rapidly to the changing timescales. All of this is carried out with the utmost discretion and respect of the confidential nature of the process. BidCraft truly provides a service that helps make significant strides in submitting quality responses.”

A Fortune Global 500 professional services company specialising in information technology services and consulting
Bidding excellence

“The BidCraft team helped us pull together a very compelling and detailed response with a high level of professionalism. The BidCraft approach was truly collaborative and enabled them to work as if they were truly part of our business whilst ensuring that we followed the best practice approach to bidding. They provided excellent communication and feedback, and overall helped us to deliver what we believe is an excellent response. We will take a lot of learning from the BidCraft way of working to support us with writing and managing future tenders.”

Head of Bid Excellence, £1.5bn revenue transport & logistics service provider
Rest assured

“The investment in Gareth’s time saved us more than it cost, as he quickly identifies key themes and guides the early bid process to make sure the approach is right first time. I have no doubt that our bid was significantly better because we used BidCraft for early advice and answering questions through the writing phase. I certainly had more confidence in the bid, with fewer sleepless nights as a result! We shall be using BidCraft again.”

James Schofield, MD, Survivability Consulting Ltd
Right tools

“I can’t recommend BidCraft’s services enough. They supported us through our successful application to Crown Commercial Service’s G-Cloud 13. From the start, they were supportive and concise, outlining what we need to do and providing us with the tools to achieve it. Taking any ambiguity out of the process, they ensured we were prepared in good time and made it a stress-free process. BidCraft goes one step further, not only did they make sure we had what we needed for this application, they also gave us the tools to be able to successfully repeat the process on future applications. We always have a fantastic experience working with them.”

Katie Frost, Sales & Client Relationship Director, Infrastar
That’s lovely dear

“I don’t know what they do, but if I did, I would definitely work with them.”

Dr Mary Upton PhD, Eve’s mum

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What kind of bids do you support? expand

They’re normally high value and complex. For example, we’ve supported bids ranging from a couple of million pounds up to £3.5bn. We’re practiced at all the public procurement procedures, including competitive dialogue, frameworks, innovation partnerships, single source, and we also have international bidding experience. All of which gives us hands-on experience of the things we consult and train on.

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We don’t measure it. Why? There are too many variables in play that are out of our control, so it wouldn’t seem right to boast about it. Plus, you don’t need us for the Easy Wins — you need us for the Hard-To-Wins.

What we measure instead is the number of referrals, repeat business and relationship growth. Referrals stem from clients’ direct experiences and satisfaction, which can be more insightful and reliable than impersonal quantitative metrics. Repeat business is when clients come back for more because they’ve experienced first-hand our ability to deliver results. Relationship growth is proof that we build trusted client relationships. We think these measures are far more relevant when choosing who you want to work with.

Do we play a key role in positioning your company to win? Absolutely. Do we celebrate when you do? You bet. Do we feel a big sense of pride that we played our part? It’s why we do what we do. But to claim credit for your success? That’s just not our style.

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Most clients get their first taste of working with us on a live bid with our BidEdge services. They then buy BidSkills when they realise their teams would benefit from having more know-how. Eventually, they want consistently better bidding as standard with our BidCode® services.

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