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3 January 2024 4 mins read

How PAS 360 can help SMEs evaluate and enhance their bid management capabilities

Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs) often find themselves competing against larger organisations with dedicated bid management teams and more substantial resources. The playing field, however, can be levelled through the strategic use of standards like BSI PAS 360:2023, which is designed to assess and improve an organisation’s bidding function.

Assessing Bid Management Maturity

PAS 360 enables SMEs to measure the maturity of their bid management function against an industry-standard benchmark. This assessment is crucial because it helps organisations identify areas where they excel and, more importantly, areas that require improvement. By comparing their processes to PAS 360’s guidelines, SMEs can:

Determine Readiness:

SMEs can evaluate whether their current bid management practices are capable of meeting the demands of the bids they intend to pursue.

Identify Gaps:

It highlights the discrepancies between an SME’s existing bid management practices and the best practices outlined in the standard.

Implementing Best Practices

PAS 360 provides a repository of best practices that can be adopted by SMEs. For instance:

  • A local consultancy firm can implement PAS 360’s recommendations on forming bid/no-bid strategies, ensuring that they pursue opportunities aligned with their strengths and capabilities.
  • A technology start-up might use PAS 360 to create a knowledge management system for capturing and reusing information from previous bids, saving time and improving the quality of future submissions.

Streamlining Bid Processes

SMEs often operate with lean teams, and PAS 360 offers guidance on streamlining bid processes to ensure efficiency and effectiveness. This could include:

Standardising Templates:

A small manufacturer can standardise proposal templates based on PAS 360 guidelines, which helps in saving time and presenting a professional image to potential clients.

Workflow Optimisation:

A healthcare SME can use PAS 360 to optimise their bid development workflows, ensuring that each step from the selection questionnaire (SQ) to the final proposal is carried out as efficiently as possible.

Training and Development

The standard can also pinpoint what training or knowledge is required for staff to enhance their bid management skills. For example, an SME in the financial services sector might discover through PAS 360 that their team lacks advanced writing skills for compelling proposals, leading to targeted professional development.

Continuous Improvement

PAS 360 isn’t just a one-time assessment tool; it promotes ongoing improvement. By regularly comparing their processes against the standard, SMEs can:

Track Progress:

An engineering firm can measure how their bid management maturity evolves over time after implementing PAS 360-aligned processes.

Refine Strategies:

Regular assessment helps SMEs refine their strategies and processes, staying on top of industry best practices.

In Conclusion

PAS 360 offers SMEs a structured approach to elevate their bid management function. It allows them to compete more effectively by ensuring they adopt best practices, make informed decisions on which tenders to pursue, and continuously refine their bid preparation process. Through PAS 360, SMEs can not only test their function’s maturity but also build a road map for ongoing improvement, setting themselves up for growth and greater success in securing contracts of increasing complexity and value.

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