Our bid training courses give you the skills and confidence to improve bidding performance and results.

Professional Growth

Bid training

Winning business is an art. Learn the skills and techniques to master your craft.


Be the best you can be at bidding

Bids are only as good as the teams that create them. And if your team lacks the skills or is unsure of what ‘good’ looks like, then you won’t get the best results.

Good training goes beyond telling people what to do. To fully understand, absorb, and apply the learning, your people need to understand why it matters. This leaves them better equipped to test new approaches and problem-solve for themselves.


Training needs

We start by listening to your training needs and build a plan around them. After all, this is about you, not us. Want to focus on capture management and bid strategies? Not a problem. Rather spend more time on bid writing and reviewing? We get it.

Our courses can be delivered in-person, online, or with a flipped seminar approach using our eLearning academy platform followed by a live session. Whatever you prefer, our courses are interactive and engaging, with exercises and group work to give you the best learning experience.

Bidding Essentials

Our Bidding Essentials course guides you through the fundamental bidding practices across the whole bidding lifecycle.

We step through the key stages and activities and explain the why, what, how, who and when to help you apply the learning straight away.

Our Bidding Essentials course is perfect for people new to bidding, technical subject matter experts, or seasoned professionals wanting a refresher of good bidding practices.

Bidding Masterclasses

We use our real-world learned experience to unpack high-impact bidding topics, such as:

  • Public sector procurement
  • Bid strategies
  • Pre-mortems
  • Evaluation and scoring
  • Advanced bid writing.

As well as online or classroom courses, our masterclasses can be based on a live opportunity to combine the learning with real-world application.

Masterclasses are ideally suited to practitioners who want to take their understanding to an advanced next level.

BSI PAS 360 Learning

BidCode®: 360 Learning helps bid specialists that want (or need) to quickly understand what BSI PAS 360 is and how to leverage it, practically, but do not have the bandwidth required to do so.

By expediting expertise on BSI PAS 360 via interactive learning from its technical authors, bid specialists can quickly become fluent in – and an authoritative voice on – the code in any organisation.

Our 360 Learning course can be delivered 1-2-1 with leaders, or as a group session for change curious teams wanting to benefit from the standard.


  • Improve results by mastering the art of bidding.
  • Challenge or validate existing practices for yourselves.
  • Integrate new starters and align teams around best practices.
  • A fluent speaking, authoritative voice on BSI PAS 360 – fast.

Bid playbooks

Want success? Your team needs a clear guide for how it does things. Playbooks help teams stay focused and organised.


On the same page

If you have a large or expanding bidding function, or dispersed teams, it can be hard to instil common ways of working and share good practices.

More than just a process, bid playbooks describe the why, how, and the who does what and when; giving your teams consistent guidance.


Trusted guide

Our playbook is an online tool organised into the key stages and activities of an opportunity’s lifecycle.

Users can access trusted guidance when they need it — handy for hybrid working or irregular working hours. It’s also a great training resource for seasoned bid professionals, new hires, and technical teams.

Because the playbook is online, users can add comments, likes, tips, and suggestions. So, if your team across the pond or a great bidding consultancy introduces a new technique, it can be quickly added and shared for everyone’s benefit.


  • An on-demand trusted resource that you’ll wonder how you ever lived without.
  • Promote continuous improvement by sharing new ideas, tips, and lessons.
  • Help technical teams and new hires get up to speed quicker.

APMP certification

Invest in your professional development with the BidCraft Academy’s range of APMP certification training courses.

 APMP is the Association of Proposal Management Professionals.


What is APMP certification?

APMP certification is the global standard for developing and demonstrating bid management competency, offering the only industry-recognised certification programme for bid professionals in the world. 

Whether you want to advance your career, develop new skills, or take on new challenges, gaining APMP certification is a great investment.

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Putting North on the map

“We invited BidCraft to support us with a major Higher Education bid in early 2024, the first time we have used them.  Since then, they have gone on to provide extensive training to the team and carried out a business wide assessment against the new BSI bid code of practice PAS 360.  This left us with a clear plan which has formed the basis of major investment in our people and processes.  Their work has been instrumental in helping us develop a blue print for future development that is opening up new growth prospects particularly amongst Public Sector customers.  What started off as a request for help has resulted in the beginnings of a major transformation for our business that has enhanced skills amongst our colleagues who now approach new bids with a renewed sense of confidence and optimism.  Thank you BidCraft.”

Andrew Foster, Managing Director – Public Services, North
You never lose it!

“We have partnered with BidCraft on a number of projects including workshop facilitation, which helped us improve our ways of working, supporting the team with their professional APMP accreditations and working alongside us on live bids. The BidCraft team are supportive and collaborative partners who really do work hard to understand the outcomes we are striving to achieve and work alongside us to help get us there. I highly recommend them to any organisation looking to #BidLikeYouMeanIt, and we will be continuing our collaboration in the future.”

Nats James, Bid Hub Lead, Leidos
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