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Assess by yourself

360 Assessment (Solo)

Free, fast and factual. Assess your bidding maturity and lose the pain of losing.


Get measurable insights

360 Assessment (Solo) is designed to assess the maturity of a bidding function at the organisational level, allowing you to identify and fix structural issues for sustainably better performance and success.

By providing a free, fast and factual assessment* of your total bidding capability, actions for optimisation can be implemented and the pain of losing, lost.

*Powered by BSI PAS 360:2023 and its technical authors.


Score your bidding maturity

360 Assessment (Solo) is the only benchmark tool that has been designed exclusively from scratch to assess the maturity of bidding organisations against the best practices within the BSI PAS 360:2023 standard.

Answer 46 questions and instantly receive your assessment report showing how you compare to the new standard, and the actions you can take to improve.


  • Cross-check your bidding capabilities against the latest independent best practices
  • Instantly receive a full report with your customised results
  • Identify blind spots and gain actionable steps on how to improve your organisation’s bidding performance
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Assess as a team

360 Assessment (Team)

Impartial, inclusive and insightful. Assess your bidding capability and act together.


Making change happen, together

360 Assessment (Team) helps bid shapers that want to collaboratively identify and improve low performing areas in their bidding capability but are struggling to do so, objectively and logistically.

By facilitating an impartial, inclusive and insightful assessment* of their total bidding capability, everyone is clear on the actions required for optimisation and inspired to implement them together.

*Powered by BSI PAS 360:2023 and its technical authors.


Inclusive insights

360 Assessment (Team) is the perfect choice if you want to include your team in the assessment of your bidding maturity.

We facilitate a team workshop that allows everyone to share their perspectives in a group forum. We use an interactive app to record individual assessments against the five pillars of PAS 360, with results dynamically presented for group discussion. This helps to quickly form a team consensus and provide an opportunity to discuss trends or outliers.

The output from the workshop is a bespoke report that’s responsive to the team discussion, letting you see at a glance the priority focus areas and recommendations for acting on them.


  • An impartial ‘cold pair of eyes’ delivering bias-free independent insight
  • Inclusive and holistic, involving the whole team, driving buy-in and a culture of collaborative problem sharing
  • A bespoke roadmap crafted to your situation enabling better bidding outcomes
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Change programme

BidCode® 360 Change

Time to (but not ‘for’) change? Calling all bid opportunists and troubleshooters.


360 Change helps bid opportunists and troubleshooters who want to transform their bidding capability but need independent change expertise and experience by their side for faster results. Through a programme* of discovery, design, implementation and continuous improvement, we help you make change.

Bidding capabilities built to realise any and every opportunity? Problem(s) solved!

*Powered by BSI PAS 360:2023 and its technical authors


Discover. Design. Implement

Using our 360 Change discovery process, we dig deep into your current bidding maturity relative to the five pillars in PAS 360. Knowing how big the gap is and what your priorities are lets us design a scalable operating model that’s right for you.

We consolidate the findings into a business case and implementation plan that you can act on yourself or engage us to lead. We take a pragmatic approach and implement quick wins to deliver results, while bringing your team and business stakeholders on the transformation journey.

Recognising that business never stands still, we revisit the discovery process to identify emerging opportunities for continuous improvement to make sure you’re not falling behind.

Our approach is to equip you with the ability to diagnose and problem-solve for yourselves, as we believe real consultancy should leave a legacy of improved in-house capability and benefit realisation.


  • Establish an independent baseline of your current bidding capability and quickly identify priority improvement actions
  • Implement the insights from discovery or build a capability from scratch
  • Devise and integrate methods and habits for the achievement of progress
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We also provide training to help you understand what PAS 360 is and how to implement its guidance in your organisation.

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