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24 February 2023 5 mins read

The power of partnerships

When different teams come together, something powerful happens. All that shared experience, knowledge and energy combines into a partnership that can move things forward in a brand new way.

Special friends

We’re big on partnerships with like-minded companies that can help us (and them) scale, grow, and tackle new challenges together. As much as we’d love to be able to do everything ourselves, we know that joining forces with experts in their own areas helps everyone to succeed, better.

Sometimes we team up as one, or introduce companies to each other so they can benefit from each other’s skills, abilities and expertise. And it’s not just other bidding teams either. From creative partners to environmental warriors, we partner with many different companies, including:

Partnerships help both businesses to grow, scale and achieve new goals together. All of our partnerships are based on trust and mutual respect, as well as a resilience and toughness that helps us tackle bigger challenges as a collective. Let’s take a closer look at five of our partners and find out what makes them special.

EllisJames Creative: our visual design gurus

It’s not that we’re not creative, because we’re exceptionally good at the language part. But when it comes to the visuals, we’re not afraid to ask for a little help. That’s why we partner with EllisJames Creative who are exceptionally good at the visual design and the whole creative process. They create fantastic graphic designs and animations to bring an idea to life, and even armed with the vaguest of briefs, they pull something stunningly effective out of the bag every time.

An independent design studio with a fierce spirit, EllisJames Creative have been our partner for a long time — and they’ve even built this stunning new website…

CloudNine Projects: putting people first

Did you know that a huge 10% of a public sector bid’s score is attached to social value?

That’s where social value experts CloudNine Projects come in. They have over 20 years experience designing and implementing social value strategies for major projects. With social value being one of the hottest topics in bidding right now, CloudNine has come at just the right time. We either introduce them to our client and walk away, or the CloudNine Projects team will join us as an extension of the BidCraft team so we can grow together.

Net Zero International: helping everyone’s net zero goals

Carbon footprints are a big issue in every industry, let alone the bidding world. We work with Net Zero International to help companies develop carbon reduction plans to meet requirements in public sector tenders.

Ever the matchmaker, we connected Net Zero International with one of our clients, an IT and cloud solutions provider, to help them create a carbon reduction-focused plan to go in their bid. Together, we made change happen.

Write Arm: many hands make bids work

Birds of a feather, and all that. We work with the Write Arm team because they just get us, and we get them. Write Arm is a multilingual copywriting and bid writing agency, working with everyone from scale ups to global corporations. We make each other better by having great bid writers on tap and a joined force for good through persuasive bid writing and copywriting.

Write Arm also uses UK Freedom of Information legislation to access commercial intelligence on behalf of clients bidding for public sector contracts. When they make the information requests they of course do so without revealing their clients’ interests.

Our partnership with Write Arm is another great example of teams coming together to be greater than the sum of our parts.

Broadleaf Global

Is there anything Broadleaf Global can’t do? Its strapline, “Doing good things in a powerful way” tells you almost everything you need to know. Broadleaf Global facilitates business outcomes, by coaching and mentoring, training, creating solutions and building, developing and delivering change programmes. They’re busy people and we love that.

With their finger firmly on the pulse of employee engagement, we’re looking forward to working on our first project together.

Small giants, big change

There are so many ways to join forces with other teams. We proudly call ourselves small giants — by bringing together the best people for the job, we can prove the effectiveness of partnerships. Whether we’re solving problems by connecting teams for good or growing our own capabilities, we can do powerful work together. And that’s how business should be when everyone wins.

If we sound like the right fit for you, why not put us to the test and discover how we can work together? Get in touch to find out more.