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20 October 2022 5 mins read

Client story: Logiq


Cyber security

How big are they?

Founded in 2018, Logiq has c.60 employees


From July 2022

In a nutshell:

Logiq Consulting is an information and cyber security consultancy focused on ensuring customers’ most valuable data is secure. Their clients have some of the most stringent and complex security needs in the world. Logiq helps to design and develop systems that enable their clients to focus on delivering their business securely.

BidCraft services provided:
  • Opportunity consulting: Bid evaluation and scoring
  • Opportunity consulting: Pre-mortems and bid strategies
  • Opportunity consulting: Tactical support
  • Business change: Maturity assessment
  • Business change: Change management
  • Business change: Continuous improvement
  • Bid Management

Logiq in numbers

Value of Secure by Design bid (customer budget)
Secure by Design bid turnaround time: 4 weeks
Secure by Design word cap: 4,000 words

Mustn’t lose

Our relationship with the team at Logiq goes way back to 2013. Doesn’t time fly? Our previous experience working together built a foundation of mutual trust and respect. In Summer 2022, Logiq wanted help to bid for a strategically important defence security project called Secure by Design, or SbD. Logiq had already delivered the concept and alpha stages; this tender was to deliver the beta phase business transformation. For this, they wanted no stone left unturned. Our relationship made working together a no-brainer.

Worth £6.5m-£9m financially, Logiq’s delivery team for SbD totalled 25-30 people; a significant resource commitment on their part.

So, a lot was riding on it. A mustn’t lose bid.

Taking the lead

Our Senior Consultant Gareth Earle led a team of 11 to respond to the tender.

Gareth started, as we so often do, with a pre-mortem to identify the key reasons Logiq might be unsuccessful. Forewarned is forearmed after all. We supported Logiq to tackle the threats head on, before moving on to develop a compelling bid strategy, reporting direct to Logiq’s Directors.

Once all the pieces were in place, we managed the bid itself, starting with the tender requirement analysis. We also created and managed a response schedule, to keep everything moving forward in good time – especially important as this was over the summer holiday season.

The critical friend

One of our key services is scoring and evaluating bids to give our clients a competitive edge. Once Logiq’s bid was written, we assessed its technical, commercial and social value scores and carried out a sensitivity analysis using competitive intelligence. This stage of the process identifies elements crucial to the bid’s success. We also got the ‘red pen’ out to reduce the word count; with a cap of 4,000 words, every word mattered. This detailed, constructive feedback loop is critical to crafting a successful bid.

We then reviewed the presentation element of the bid and ran workshops including mock run-throughs. Always giving constructive feedback, of course. We aren’t just about words; we help clients with every part of bidding. From storyboard to submission, we helped Logiq all the way as their critical friend.

Our highly structured process for pre-mortem and evaluation brought rigour and improved Logiq’s chances of winning.

And win they did.

But our involvement didn’t stop there.

Preparing to win, and win again

We were invited back to help Logiq develop a bidding and governance process. We put steps in place to help the company make change and become more effective and efficient in pursuing new opportunities.

A key part of the process is an Opportunity Analysis Tool. By inputting information about a tender, Logiq can see at a glance their favourability of winning and whether it’s worth the effort and resource to bid. The system is tailorable for both their security consultancy service and their secure off-the-shelf platform, DISX®.

We didn’t just jump in cold though. We did our homework first, starting with a review of Logiq’s business structure, operations, services, and aspirations. We needed to make sure their process was fully aligned with how they work now, and scalable as they continue to grow.

The benefit of having a governance process is your team knows exactly what they need to do and when. It removes any ambiguity over responsibilities. The Opportunity Analysis Tool can be tailored to make sure the most strategically important opportunities make their way to the top of the in-tray. We kept it as simple as possible, with an integrated Bid/No Bid approval form; we’re all about capture data once, use that data multiple times.

The benefit of pursuing hot leads is clear, but there’s also a real business risk to pursuing unsuitable opportunities. Our input has made sure Logiq directs resources towards the right bids for their business, rather than bidding for everything.

Continuing the relationship

Looking ahead, we’re working with Logiq to embed the process into their quality management systems and to cement it as a core part of their business culture. As always, providing as much added value and long-term impact as we can.